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Post Partum Doula Services

Mother’s Keeper Postpartum Doula service was established based on a need to mother the mother after birth. The first six weeks after birth, the new mother requires rest, healing time and nourishment.

Many cultures in West Africa call this phase of pregnancy the Lying In phase. This is the time when the birthing mom is relieved from her household and family responsibilities and is only responsible for taking care of and getting to know her baby.


A postpartum mom without support is sometimes vulnerable to extreme hormonal mood swings (Postpartum Depression), stress due to lack of rest and breastfeeding issues. A skilled or trained Postpartum Doula can offer support and assist in making this a smooth transition for everyone in the household.


A Postpartum Doula:


  • Allows the new mother to maximize her healing process.

  • Allows the new mother R & R (Rest and Relaxation) time, knowing that someone is there minding the baby and home.Can sometimes spoil you and your family with wholesome and nourishing meals. Meals which are freshly prepared with the breast feeding mom in mind. Meals can fit any dietary needs or restrictions.

  • Teaches you how to care for and understand your baby’s needs.

  • Will help organize baby’s nursery. Offers you breastfeeding support. Will keep you home looking presentable and will do baby laundry.

  • Will run errands and grocery shop.

  • Allows the dad to return to work knowing his family is being cared for.

  • Allows grandparents enjoy being grandparents .May offer massages (primarily uterine) and a soothing herbal Sitz bath.

  • Makes a great Baby Shower or Blessing way gift!

  • .A much needed Baby Shower or Blessing Way gift and great gift from the Grand parents!!!

The usual hiring period for a Postpartum Doula is two weeks

$650.00 Mother’s Keeper Postpartum Doula Services per week (5 days) based on a four hour day.

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