Birth In The Tradition Videos

is  a portal for showing some of my favorite, informative and empowering birth videos. Stay tuned to the Blissful Birth and Baby Expo (which I will promote on the BIRTH BLOG) fromApril 3-6, 2014.  For the 1st time publically, I will be launching a line of Traditional Medicines from the Earth and other Traditional products. See you soon! Dedicated to Those Yet Born...

Jayas Home Birth 


My wonderful homebirth video recorded on January 10, 2010 . I wanted to give everyone the opportunity to see that women of color birth at home too. My labor was a little over 7hrs & my midwife respected my wishes to birth as "unassisted" as possible. She quietly handled the video production & took great care of me after the birth. There is a bit of blood (not typical) so don't be frightened. You will also see me reach to see if baby has a vagina or penis since we waited to find out. Enjoy and share as much as u like.

Home Birth of Ahnaru Asaira


The night before I gave birth, I closed my eyes and thought of all of the people I loved and some of the happiest and joyful moments of my life. In doing this, I harnessed a lot of really high energy that it made me very happy and giddy. That really kept me going and kept me smiling the whole time. The pain was insignificant compared to the love and joy I was experiencing. I hope this helps. Trust that God created you to make babies, and that you are strong and it does not have to hurt

Home Birth of Jabari Isaiah

April 13th, 2014 We welcomed our 1st child Jabari Isaiah Bey into the world with the same caring, knowing, & supportive hands that birthed his father over 30 years ago! We wanted to keep the tradition & Mama Sarahn prepared us for a beautiful birth experience! For 1st time parents without any natural, homebirth experience we handled my 20 hour labor like pros! When our son was ready to enter the world it literally took him 10 minutes, Mommy 2 pushes, & hours of support from Daddy!  This was the most AMAZING experience of our lives!