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Mission Statement

To Retrieve, practice and teach the richness of traditional pregnancy, birth and
post-partum customs of other cultures from around the world including the deep south.
To Revive the experience of evidence-based mother wit knowledge and skills while serving to support and protect the sacredness, safety and naturalness of a healthy pregnancy and birth.
To Reclaim an educational module incorporated in prenatal sessions which I followed closely, can ensure a healthy (physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally) pregnancy and birth outcome. This model has evolved and changed continuously over the centuries and is currently a vast and ever-expanding tapestry of today’s birthing trends.
To Reinstate the number of Black and Brown Birth Midwives and Doula’s of African Descent by providing mentoring and educational opportunities to those who are interested in playing a part in decreasing the infant and Maternal mortality rates among African American babies and to promote breastfeeding.
To Recognize, remember and respect those whose shoulders we stand on; the Grand Midwives and the Grandmothers.


Our purpose is to offer quality prenatal, labor, birth and postpartum care to families seeking a home birth. We maintain a balance of traditional evidenced based practices with modern day trends. We are committed to raising the numbers of BIPOC Midwives and aiding in reducing the Maternal Mortality Rates in the state of Georgia.

"Keep breathing, it’s the most important part."

-Shafia Monroe

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