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This page is devoted to my Mentor, Midwife, and my BFF

Nasrah Smith (aka) Mama Nasrah and Mama Osuntola

Sunrise: April 17, 1949
Sunset: June 8, 2022

Nasrah invited me into Midwifery on March 8th, 1980, the night she gave birth to the second of her four sons. I served as a birth companion and offered her comfort. Her birth was a magical birth,

one that I will never ever forget, for it was that night that changed my

life forever.

Mama Nasrah taught me the spiritual side to midwifery, a tool every midwife should hone. For four years she had me under her wings as an Apprentice traveling to families’ homes for prenatal visits, births and postpartum visits. Our friendship and partnership expanded for over forty years. We always said to one another, “in our final hours, I want you to be by my side. The Creator called on her first and so once again, during the hours of one of Life’s transitional and pivotal moments, there I was, by her side.

It was an honor to be Nasrah’s very first apprentice. I miss her and will always call her name. Mama Linda, Sauda, Nasrah, Osuntola Smith.

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