Our Mission

 "It seems that many health professionals involved in antenatal care don't realize that one of their roles should be to protect the emotional state of pregnant women".

  -Michel Odent, MD

To retrieve, educate and practice once again, the richness of traditional pregnancy, birth and post partum customs from Africa and other traditional cultures from around the world including the deep south of Turtle Island (America).


To revive the experience of evidence based mother wit knowledge and skills while serving to support and protect the sacredness, safety and naturalness of a healthy pregnancy and birth.


To reclaim an educational module incorporated in prenatal sessions which if followed closely, can ensure a healthy (physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally) pregnancy and birth outcome. This model has evolved and changed continuously over the centuries and is currently a vast and ever expanding tapestry of today’s birthing consciousness.


To reinstate the number of Birth Workers (Midwives and Doula’s) of African Descent by providing mentoring and educational opportunities to those who are interested in playing a part in decreasing the infant mortality rates among African American babies and to promote breastfeeding.


To recognize, remember and respect those whose shoulders we stand on; the Grand Midwives and the Grandmothers.



Collaborative Care Providers

Sarahn Henderson

"Mama Sarahn"

Midwife & Educator




              Brad Bootstaylor MD

            "He's Got Your Back!!!!"


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Sharon-Rose Villalovas