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About Sekesa Berry, Midwife Assistant/Student, Labor Doula and Lactation Consultant,Childbirth Educator


Sekesa became a DONA Certified Doula in 2006 and began teaching childbirth education sessions at various community venues.“I believe that every pregnant and laboring woman should have all of the care and support she needs.” Sekesa worked over three years counseling, teaching and supporting families as a WIC Breastfeeding Peer Counselor. She has extensive experience with helping families to overcome breastfeeding challenges such as poor latching, supply issues and pump scheduling. 


Sekesa came on board as an apprentice with Birth In The Tradition to continue her midwifery studies. She is now an advanced student of Midwifery and assist me at births. You will have the pleasure of meeting her at one of your prenatal visits and at your "Home Visit".


Sekesa has a true passion for birth and a commitment to practicing the Midwifery Model of Care. Let us know if you are interested in hiring Sekesa as a Doula and or Lacatation Specialist. She's the one!!!

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