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Vagi Steam Stool Rental

Vagi Steam Stool Rental

This beautifully hand built Vagi Steam Stool is made of cedar hardwood and finished in a cherry-wood stain/protection. Each stool is custom built, so no two stools are the same. The seat is so cushiony you just may fall asleep on it! It's built for your healing, so your healing should be comfortable and relaxing. 
It measures 14in x 18in x 18in and weighs 22lbs.
Rental Price $ 55.00 (Atlanta area)
Retail Price $200.00
Adinkra Wood Burn Designs on two sides Add $50.00
Shipping and Handling not included.
*This website is being developed and tweeked. If you are interested in this item, pleace contact us at 770-997-7088 or email at
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