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Birth Pool In A Box (Rental)

Birth Pool In A Box (Rental)

Birth Pool in a Box Features
Midwives love it & their friends recommend it!
Over 16,000 women use it every year
It is comfortable and welcoming
It is reassuringly sturdy and robust
It has handles in all the right places
It has a built-in seat for bonding with your baby after birth
It has a size that is right for you and for your place of birth
It can be adjusted to the right height for you
It is easy to clean with the disposable liner; Liner not included
  • Details

    Box comes with: hose, hose adapter, air pump, pump to take the water out, thermometer, cover, plastic for the floor, hair blow dryer and instructions.
    Birth in the Tradition Client Rental $75.00
    All others Rental $90.00

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