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 Nevorn Askari MD (404)687-3351 holistic in her approach and offers conventional as well as Homeopathic options.
Decatur - Carole Herrmann (vegetarian, homeopathic and conventionalmedications)We love Dr. Carole Herrmann in Decatur -- 404-378-1998. She is a vegetarian and very pro-organic, very into holistic medicine and probiotic supplementing. She prints out fact sheets from "Healthy Child, Whole Child." She is *pretty* conservative and definitely anti-antibiotic unless true infection is present. She is not vax-opposed (we selectively and delay vaccinations), but has crammed nothing down my throat and in fact has shown me ways to skip a whole bunch and still have a complete vax! She's fine with extended nursing and family bed (though she has something about babies sleeping enough -- worries about moms not getting their rest). She's pretty laid back, takes a lot of time with you and never lets the practice get too full, we NEVER sit in the waiting room!!! (so beware... From time to time she isn't accepting new patients)
Dr. Bergman I asked him about attachment parenting. He started laughing and said, "why would I have a problem with that? My own kids slept in bed with us!" He also recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months of life. We talked more about vaccines and lot #'s. As I had mentioned, we do have to record those in your child's medical record, so he didn't see a problem giving you the lot #'s with every vaccine. If you need to check for "bad batch" ahead of time, call the office and we can give you the lot #'s before you come in. He's got a great bedside manner and is very friendly, and wow! is he great with kids (and the parents too)!The website again is The phone is770-640-8119.
Kate Brooks 404-246-7841 (naturopath, midwife for 30+ years, has11 children, offers classes on maintaining healthy families)
Roswell - Seneca Anderson 770-642-4646 (naturopath who has been in the area for many years, well-established practice)
Jeffrey Abrams 770-449-0844 (more of a "typical" ped.environment, offers great support of breastfeeding, non-vax or delayingvax., also offers a monthly "new patient" seminar)
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