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Mother Wit Consultations

Confidential, consultation sessions are offered by phone. An appointment time
for the clients’ desired topic is pre-arranged ahead of the desired date. Client
should offer three options for dates and time. I will call at the agreed date and

time and session proceeds without interruption for 90 minutes. Consultations are $150.00

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Child Birth Consultation

This session is excellent for those who are not sure what options are
available in their community. Choosing a place to birth (hospital, home,
birthing center) and someone to help you with your pregnancy and birth
(Midwife, Doctor, Doula) can become confusing. There are other
pregnancy related resources which are available to you during this time.
Childbirth Educators, Lactation Specialist, Prenatal Fitness, Integrative
Pediatricians are some of the services provided in this session.

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Blessing Way Consultation

 This is a beautiful Native American (Navaho/Hopi) ceremony to give an
expecting mother who is approaching her due date. It’s a way for the
mother’s circle of friends and family gather to bless her as she gets ready
for birth. Not sure how to give a Blessing Way or what goes into a
Traditional Blessing Way? Learn and find out!

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