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Midwifery &  Prenatal Service Info & Pricing

When coming to Birth in the Tradition, you will be seen by the midwife each time. There aren’t any nurses to weigh you, there aren’t any receptionists to check you in, just one-on-one care with the midwife and her assistants/apprentices from the moment you walk through the door until the moment you leave. Birth in the Tradition does have a referral team of affiliates to assist in meeting your needs. They may include: Labor & Postpartum Doula, OB GYN, Chiropractor, Primatologist, Pediatrician, Lactation Specialist, Childbirth Educators, Herbalist, Homeopathic Physician, and Pregnancy Fitness Instructors. During prenatal visits we spend ample time together preparing and getting you ready for the birth your baby.

Prenatal Visits:


Prenatal visits usually last between 60 – 90 minutes. The first one will be 90 minutes as there is much to cover. We will talk about nutrition and your diet, your work environment, your support circle, lifestyle, exercise, labs, medical history, your previous births and any other information that we find relevant to your history.At each visit you will be responsible for collecting a urine sample, which we will test, and weighing yourself. I will then take your blood pressure, and pulse.During your visit I will ask you how you are doing physically and how you are feeling.


 I listen to your concerns and answer questions you may have. I will measure your growing uterus, palpate what position the baby is in, and listen for heart tones.I have several ways to help you and your baby to be in the best condition possible for labor and birth. These may include seeing a chiropractor to help change your baby’s position, exercises to help prepare your body, and a reading list that many families find helpful.Your visits will be scheduled every 4 weeks until your 28th week, when your visits will change to every two weeks. When you reach your 36th week I will see you every week. From your 36th week forward your visits will be 90 minutes again for there is much to cover in preparation for labor, birth and postpartum. These visits are done in my home/office.

 Initial Home Visits:


There are quite a few things that will happen during your prebirth home visit. This visit allows me to get familiar with how to get to your home. I ask that, if possible, people (family, friends, etc. . .) who will be present at the birth be at this visit so that we may answer any questions or concerns they may have and so that you will have a full picture of your birthing team. This is also the perfect time to hand out assignments if you have any, such as photographer or other children’s attendants.


After Birth Postpartum Home Visits


Three home visits will be provided after birth. The first one will be within the first 36 hours after birth (depending on what time you gave birth). The second visit will be the 3rd or 4th day depending on the first visitation date. The next visitation day will be the baby’s first week birthday! If I suspect I need to do another follow up home visit, more than likely it will be on the 10th day.If you rented a birth pool from me and you used it, before packing it back up, make certain that it is completely dry. Use a dry towel and wipe any wet areas. then use the provider blow dryer for added assurance. This preserves the longevity of the pool by keeping mold and mildew from growing.If you are planning to encapsulate your placenta, I will initiate the process for you before my departure at no extra cost. Please provide the necessary supplies for it.You may hire one of the apprentices for immediate postpartum doula care for 4 hours after the birth. The doula will be there to make sure that you and your family have something to eat (you provide the food, she prepares it), to help you with the baby in those first few hours, and to just make sure that your first hours go smoothly after I leave. The fee for this additional care is $100.00 to be paid directly to her.



Any Labs is a franchise where some of your basic blood work can be done. Otherwise, an OBGYN of your choice or my recommendation may do an entire panel of labs which will include Pap Smear, Blood Work, GBS, Ultra Sound, Glucose Tolerance Test to name but a few. Make certain that you obtain a copy of each lab work done so that I may keep them in my file of you.


The Birth:

This is the birth of YOUR baby; we are here to support you in achieving the birth you want.When your labor day does arrive, you are the one that will make the decision when to call me and discuss if this is labor and when I will come out to you, what position you will birth your baby in, who is there with you, what to eat and when and where your baby will be birthed (whether in water, on a birthing stool or even in the comfort of your own bed.)


Immediate Postpartum/Bonding Time:


We encourage family bonding and help to facilitate it”.An afterbirth relaxing herbal bath is prepared for you and your baby. This provides a wonderful bonding time for you and your baby as we busy ourselves with tidying up you birth room and throwing laundry in the wash. We leave your home clean, the way we found it. When you return to your room from having your herbal bath, your bedroom will look like nothing even took place in it. After your bath, you and your baby will be escorted in a freshly made bed with warm sheets right from the dryer (unless it’s summer!) We will then perform the newborn exam right there next to you. Once the baby has been massaged, weighed, measured and swaddled, we will give you immediate post partum instructions for the care of you and your baby. This is a great time to be served a bowl of a rejuvenating bowl of soup. I like to suggest Miso or Dahl soup. There’s something healing about those two soups. I will then offer instructions on what and what not to eat while nursing and then schedule my next home visit. I usually will stay 2-3 hours after the birth. I never leave until I know both you and your baby are in great shape. After this time I may be contacted by phone with any concerns or questions you feel you need me for.

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