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Birth in the Tradition Midwifery Services, recognizes that every family does not wish to birth at home. Sometimes mothers or the babies they are carrying are higher risk or dealing with issues that would make birthing at home not the best choice for their situation. Sometimes one of the parents is not yet fully comfortable with birth in the home setting. Perhaps your housing situation does not lend itself very well to a birth in that environment.

For those special circumstances, we have agreed to partner together with Dr. Brad Bootstaylor, perinatologist, to provide a special kind of care. I will provide the quality care mothers have come to love and want for your prenatal care, focusing on prevention and the midwifery model of care, utilizing referral and co-care if needed with Dr. Bootstaylor’s office. Then when labor begins, you will actually birth in the hospital (either Emory Midtown or Atlanta Medical Center) with our awesome, non-interventive physician. Upon going home, I will provide the same special home visit postpartum follow up care mothers who birth at home have come to love and appreciate.

My fee would be reduced because I am not responsible for the birth.

Please let me know if you think this type of care might be just what you’ve been looking for :)

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