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Labor Doula Services

Mother’s Keeper Labor Doula/Monitrice and Postpartum Services Mother’s Keeper Inc. is a Labor and Postpartum Doula Service which was founded in 1986. Mother’s Keeper was originally designed and continues to support the needs of expecting and new parents.What is a Labor Doula’sAssist and support the laboring mother in the natural process of labor and birth.She assists in actualizing the birth goal of the mother and father/partner as closely to their birth plans as possible.She advocates when necessary and helps in creating an independent atmosphere of security and safeness.She comes prepared to offer comfort and encouragement to the laboring mother and a sense of confidence for the father/partner. Mothers who realize they may have a medicated birth may also benefit having a Doula.She brings security and comfort to the mother and father by just being there.Her “Tricks of the Trade”. In the homebirth setting……The Doula generally assists the family in getting the birthing room prepared for the birth.She pays attention to the progress of labor and is capable of being the spokes person for the parents when addressing the progress of labor to the Midwife. Leaving the midwifery duties to the Midwife. The Doula provides massages and other comforting and relaxing techniques to the mother.Some Doulas come prepared to capture the moment of birth on film per the consent and or request of the family.After the birth, the Doula generally stays with the family until the mother has successfully breastfed her baby and all three are resting in the postpartum (Lying In) section of the hospital. In a homebirth setting, the Doula will make certain that the mother is comfortable and is offered something warm to eat and drink. Other than the disposal of medical supplies used during the birthing process, the Doula will sometimes assist in tidying the labor and birthing rooms.The relationship between the Doula and the expecting parents begins during pregnancy with a consultation and two or more prenatal visits prior to birth.Visitations will Include:A mini refreshers course on labor and birth and comfort measure used during laborDesigning a Birth planWhat to bring to the hospitalNewborn Care, New Mother CareBreastfeeding and breastfeeding suppliesThe Doula makes one postpartum home visit for the new family. This is an opportune time to discuss any concerns about feeding, the adjustments of being back at home, and sharing your birth story. Your Doula will also surprise you with your baby’s birth story.$750.00 Mother’s Keeper Labor Doula.

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