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Sarahn Henderson is the principal midwife of Birth in the Tradition. She is the
mother of five adult children all whom were born at home. Homebirth was a
choice of birth she and her husband made beginning with their first child. This
was a decision based on the holistic lifestyle they chose to live. A few months
after giving birth to her first child, she was invited to attend her midwife’s birth.
That same evening after her midwife gave birth, and impressed with Sarahn’s
patience and touch, her Midwife invited to initiate her into midwifery. And she

did. Since 1980 and to her credit, Sarahn has assisted and midwifed over a
thousand families into parenthood. In that count, she has assisted in five twin
births (three in which she was the principal midwife) and countless breech


She is currently delivery second generations babies now. Sarahn has
also apprenticed over a dozen women who chose to study and practice
midwifery. Some of these women have gone on to become MD’s, nurses,
midwives (hospital and in-home) and public health professionals. Her vision is
that homebirth will become nationally recognized as a safe alternative to hospital
births (for the low-risk mother) and that midwifery will become a licensed
profession in the maternal healthcare system. Sarahn had the phenomenal
opportunity to be the Midwife Consultant for Berry Jenkins film, The
Underground Railroad airing now on Amazon Prime. To learn more about Mama
Sarahn, listen to her video biography below.

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